Vendors & Manufacturers

Better Financing Solutions – More Repeat Customers

Our financial products help you move more units and at better profit margins.

  • We provide direct access to our credit underwriters for discussing credit, rates, and terms helps to make your experience with ENGS an intimate one.
  • Enjoy greater customer retention. We consider you, the dealer, as our primary customer. That is why we focus on helping you retain the customer long term:
  • Notification to you if customer calls in for payoff. This puts you in top position for repeat sale.
  • Notification to you if customer calls in for another approval.
  • After sale advantages: Advanced notification of your customers’ lease expiration to help you get a head start on upselling.
  • Remarketing opportunities for off lease units.
  • Special Promotions: Looking to sell some special equipment? We can work with you to offer special terms for a quick sale.


Dealer-Owned Rental Fleet

We understand the importance of getting equipment into dealer inventory when selling heavy machinery and often this includes providing Dealer Owned Rental Fleet (DORF) financing. This financing tool allows dealers the ability to offer equipment to be available to its customers through either a rent-to-rent or rent-to-purchase (RPO) scenario and by leveraging fixed term loan structure with flexible payment options (i.e. deferred, Annual skips) positive cash flow can be achieved.

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Progress Pay

It’s a value proposition for both the Vendor and the Customer. Most often a vendor requires 10% to 30% with the order – sometimes more.
We offer to loan the customer that deposit requirement enticing the vendor to offer our services for both the progress payment and the term financing when the machine is delivered and installed. They sell more equipment because the customer can more easily meet their terms. The same is true for the customer – he doesn’t have to write a check or go to his bank.

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Supply Chain Finance

Supply chain finance is a solution that improves cash flow by allowing businesses to lengthen their payment terms to their suppliers while providing the option for their large and SME suppliers to get paid early. This results in a win-win situation for the buyer and supplier. The buyer optimizes Working Capital, and the supplier generates additional operating cash flow, thus minimizing risk across the supply chain.

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Floor Plan Finance

Acquire more inventory and increase sales while freeing up cash flow with ENGS’ Floor Plan Financing.
In addition to Floor Plan Finance, ENGS’ industry specific solutions such as equipment finance, parts and service finance, insurance, and more allows dealers the ability to take advantage of volume incentives while bundling multiple financing solutions with a partner they can trust.

  • Acquire more inventory and increase sales
  • Conserve cash flow with interest only periods
  • Curtailment schedules allow for more flexibility in the sales cycle
  • Parts & Service financing available
  • Priority access to ENGS’ additional financing solutions

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